Point One Studio


Horizontal vs Vertical


Client Restaurant Tarng
Approved & Designed by Point One Studio
BIM (Building Information Modelling) Document by Point One Studio
Location A'bekett St, Melbourne, Australia
Program Restaurant
Project Type  Interior
Date 2010


With the limited client's budget, we are to design Korean Restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. Our initial idea was to connect the space by using recycling dimensional lumbers and structural steel beam. The existing internal walls were unfinished concrete panels with concrete blockworks. The existing ceiling height was approximately 5 metres, which is almost as high as double story domestic houses. By using a families of timber trusses, the higher ceiling space opens and closes. We decide to leave concrete wall as it is, then coating with epoxy finished. By connecting timbers vertically and horizontally from the ceiling, the internal space have more joy and unpainted dimensional lumbers are most likely warm colours with match with cold colours of concrete walls and columns. As a result of higher ceiling of internal space, we are to decorate lighting fixtures with pendent lights. Lightings will reflect the blue and yellow polycarbonate panels at night. The main counter of the restaurant finish with brushed aluminium wall cladding, which reflects warm and cold colours.