Point One Studio

Professional Services

Architecture & Interior Design

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the main service, which provides a range of modes of presenting projects and producing documentation for architecture & Interior design firms using Autodesk Building Design Suite.

Our core services are as follows:

Feasibility, Concept Studies

We analyze and research the subject site to support the process of proposed project. Our feasibility study includes Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED),  Information of the context, Neighbourhood Description, and etc. 

Once client decides the best option from the feasibility studies, we provide concept ideas based on the brief. 

Schematic Design Development

We provide Schematic Design drawings, which includes area analysis, Design response, and materiality of the project. 

Working Drawings and Specifications

We provide working drawings includes construction details, and specifications.

Graphic Design

We provide 2D & 3D graphic design, includes 3D animation & 4D simulations, which can have many construction process planning applications; for example, validating the planned sequence are construction operations and identifying any time-based clashes.

- 2D & 3D Rendering

- 3D animation & 4D simulations

- Illustrations (Building, Book, Game and Fashion)

Software Training

All participants are welcome including students from any institution and professionals, as far as design companies. We will provide participants with an introduction to digital and computational design tools and will provide the documentation skills for Architecture, interior, graphic and industrial design.