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Revit Architecture Intro

Autodesk REVIT architecture is one of the most powerful BIM (Building Information Modeling) program in current building industry. There are many books available for REVIT architecture. However, it is very unlikely that beginners are able to learn BIM program throughout books.

This course is very short intensive course, which is consist of 12 sessions. Each session is scheduled for 2 hours.

Participants will learn the principal theory of BIM (Building Information Modeling), basic 2D & 3D tools, as well as critical program interface and settings from this course.

Class Table

Week Class
Week 1
  • The Basics of BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Principles of REVIT Architecture (Datum, Contents, Views, and Management)
  • Interface Organization (Application Menu, Project Browser, Properties, and Ribbon)
  • Site & Project settings (Surveyor & Origin point, location setting, Project & True North setting, and Story settings)
  • Modeling Site Context (Using a Toposurface, Creating a Building Pad, Generating Property Lines, Cut and Fill, and Schedules)
  • Duplicates Views
Week 2
  • Selecting Elements
  • Importing External file formats
  • Selecting options, Modifying, and Replacing Elements (Filtering Your Selection, Matching Properties, Moving Elements, Copying Elements, Rotating and Mirroring Elements, Arraying Elements, Scaling Elements, Aligning Elements, Trimming or Extending Lines and Walls, Offsetting and Redo & Undo)
  • Walls (Creating Basic Wall Types, Adding Wall Articulation, Modeling Techniques for Basig Walls)
  • Constraint Settings
  • Visual Styles
  • Section Box
Week 3
  • Creating Doors & Windows
  • Creating Curtain Walls
  • Creating Complex Curtain Walls (Dividing the Surface, Dividing the Surface with Intersects, Mullion, and Applying Patterns)
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
Week 4
  • Understanding Roof Modeling Methods (Footprint Roofs, Roof by Extrusion, Roof By Face)
  • Understanding Reference Plane
  • Model Text
  • Columns & Structural Grids
  • Place a Component, Inserting Families
Week 5
  • Railings (Key components of Railings, Railings In and Out of the Box)
  • Stairs (Key Components of Stairs, Stairs In and Out of the Box)
  • Ramp
Week 6
  • Beam
  • Beam System
  • Structural Floor
  • Slab Edge
  • Brace
  • Truss
  • Structural Columns
  • Foundations
  • Isolated Footing
  • Revise Previous Sessions