Point One Studio

Documenting Your Design in Revit Architecture

This Class is aim for documenting your design in REVIT Architecture.

This course is very short intensive course, which is consist of 14 sessions. Each Session is scheduled for 2hours.

We will be looking at more details for visualizations and program settings and configurations. The tutor will introduce various project know-how based on real-world projects.

Class Table

Week Class
Week 1
  • Detail Line & Model Line
  • Convert Lines
  • Using Text
  • Using Dimensions
  • Region & Masking Region
  • Detail Component & Repeating Detail Component
  • Revision Cloud
  • Detail Group
  • Insulation
  • Linework and additional settings
Week 2
  • Documenting Plans (Room Areas, Area Plans)
  • Room (Room, Room Separator and Tag Room)
  • Inserting Tags (Inserting Tags, Tag by Category, Tag All)
  • Modify Tags
Week 3
  • Using Keynotes and Text Notes
  • 3D Documenting (Annotating 3D Views, Creating Perspective Views)
  • Colour Fill Legends (Making a Colour Fill Legend for Rooms, Customizing a Colour Fill Legend)
  • Creating Schedules and Legends
Week 4
  • Laying Out Sheets
  • Creating Sheet Families
  • Adding plans in the Sheet
  • Presenting your Design (Graphic Display Settings, Materials, Object Styles, and Rendering images)
Week 5
  • Creating Families (Model in Place)
  • Extrusion
  • Blend
  • Revolve
  • Sweep
  • Swept Blend
  • Void Forms
  • Mass Design
  • Family Editor (Making Families parametric)
Week 6
  • Advanced Modeling (Opening by Face, Shaft, Wall, Vertical and Dormer, Floor and Roofs)
  • Editing wall by using Reference Plane
  • Split Face
  • Creating Parts and Assemblies
  • Solar and Shadow Studies
Week 7
  • Design Options
  • Filter Tools
  • Revise Previous Sessions